Please click on the link to obtain the syllabus relevant to grade.

We use a graded belt system.  There are 9 grades starting from beginner white belt through to black belt.  To progress to your next belt the relevant syllabus must be performed at a grading. Gradings are approximately 3 times per year.

Student Gradings require a minimum of three months between grades, and a minimum of 3 years to reach black belt.

A minimum period of 6 months of consistent training must elapse between obtaining the 1st grade and undertaking the 1st degree examination.

Degree grades require a further two years to second degree; a further 3 years to third degree and so-on.

All grading applicants must be paid up members.

Grading applicants will not be accepted for grading unless they have submitted their grading applications and grading records together with the grading fee to the administration by the date specified prior to the grading.

Shaolin Quanshu shall have absolute discretion in modifying or amending these rules without notice.

All students are expected to arrive at the grading before the grading commences.

Any students arriving late willnot be able to grade.

Students are expected tp  stay for the duration of the grading.

Full grading Etiquette is espected of all students as per training etiquette.

No eating, drinking, smoking, mobile phones, talking etc. within the grading hall.

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