The next training trip will be in September 2017. The trip is open only to members as well as selected guests. Special arrangements can be made for non members by application to the chief instructor.

Anyone who is interested in joining the next holiday please contact Sifu Adrian Browne on 07958 330835 for details. As part of our training we give the opportunity to attend training holidays abroad. See below for the places we have visited.

The holidays have been a great success and all the students gained a wealth of knowledge and have returned incredibly fit and healthy.

There  is always much to do from martial arts to fitness, massage, chi gung, meditation, relaxing, socialising, sightseeing and outdoor activities.

We take the opportunity to teach aspects of our art which are outside the normal teaching found in our general classes such as specialist forms and conditioning.

The training can at times be very hard but the rewards and the feeling afterwards far out way the short time of training.

On the students return, they are always very keen and motivated, not only to continue their training but also in their own lives such as work or studies.

The bond between the students is always great and carries over into the class on their return giving the whole class a new dynamic and making everyone very keen and motivated.

We are sorry to inform you that a minimum age of 16 and anyone under the age of 18 must have their parents/guardians consent.

2004    –    Germany    –    Gladbeck

2005    –     Spain         –     Rio Gordo

2006    –     France       –     St Privat

2008    –     Portugal    –     Malhao

2009    –     Menorca    –     Sta. Maria Magdalena

2010    –     Italy            –     Casalguidi

2011    –      Greece         –    Zante

2012    –     Mallorca     –    Alcudia

2013    –     Lanzarote    –   Sanbartolom

2014    –

2015    –     Portugal       –   Alfontes

2016    –

2017     –

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