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Our Art is suitable for all. The only criteria that we ask is for the student to have the dedication, the want to progress, train, learn and observe the codes of respect within the club. We promote a very friendly atmosphere within our clubs and support each student in their goals. We try to build confidence by encouraging self respect and respect for others. Even though classes are enjoyable, discipline is enforced.


Children – KDZ

We take children from 6 years upwards. Even though our classes are very structured and disciplined, we aim to make classes fun, but the emphasis is on the learning of the art. We aim to promote confidence, respect and self discipline within our younger students ti equip them with the tools for coping with everyday life. We also support and encourage students in their academic studies.



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Martial Arts as a lifestyle is a platform to release your potential as a human being

Getting by is not acceptable, if excellence is possible.